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The Tonkinese is a glamorous breed famous for their "mink" coats. Although the foundation cat of the Burmese breed, Wong Mau, was actually a Tonkinese, the Tonkinese we know today began as a cross between Siamese and Burmese cats resulting in a moderate, healthy cat with the intelligence of the Siamese and the affection of the Burmese - a combination which makes for an endlessly amusing and wonderful pet.

In the United States, Tonkinese come in four colors - Natural (also called Sable or Seal), Champagne (also called Chocolate), Platinum (also called Lilac or Frost) and Blue - and three coat patterns - Solid or Sepia, Pointed and the famous Mink - but all "Tonk" coats have that silken mink feel.

In the UK and some other countries, there are red, cream are tortiseshell Tonkinese, as well as Tonkinese with tabby patterns.

The Tonkinese coat, however, requires little work to maintain its luxurious texture - a few sweeps with a rubber cat brush and an occasional bath are all that is required.

Only Mink Tonkinese have aqua eyes - Pointed Tonks have bright blue eyes (sky blue to violet) and Solid Tonkinese have chartreuse eyes (green-gold to yellow-green). It's no cause for concern if your kitten doesn't have the perfect eye color - Tonkinese may not develop their full coat and eye color until they are 18 months old.

Only Mink Tonkinese are accepted for championship titles in CFA, however TICA accepts all Tonkinese, Pointed, Sepia and Mink, for competition.

Tonks are very adaptable, social creatures. Most Tonkinese love visitors and happily chat away with anyone who will listen.

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