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I've found these books to the most useful in my library. If you would like a copy, you may order the book from (they have great service - you may pay by credit card or send them a check) by simply clicking on the title. Amazon guarantees that your transaction will be 100% safe! Note that you MUST be able to accept cookies to do so. Please let me know if you have a favorite book you would like to see here.

Holisitic (Natural) Cat and Animal Care Books

Books About Breeding and/or Showing Cats

Cat Breed Books (individual breeds)

Cat Breed Books (general - all breeds)

Animal Rights/Animal Welfare Books

Cat Mysteries

Other Favorites


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Other Bookstores on the 'Net

Minimum Price Books - lots of books on natural and holistic health.

Direct Book Service - best source of animal related books I've ever found


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