Breeding/Showing Your Cat

Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders & Veterinarians. The "bible" of cat genetics newly updated by Carolyn M. Vella (Editor), Lorraine Shelton, John McGonagle (Editor) . This book is not light reading by any means but a must have for serious breeders and necessary for a complete understanding of coat colors.
Breeding Pedigreed Cats by Carolyn M. Vella, John J. McGonagle. A simply fabulous book written by experienced breeders and covering all issues you may face when breeding cats; very highly recommended.
The Complete Book of Cat Breeding by Dan Rice. Written by a vet, this book delves into complex medical issues. A good companion for the Vella/McGonagle book.
Legacy of the Cat: The Ultimate Illustrated Guide by Gloria Stephens, Tetsu Yamazaki (Photographer). A beautiful book! Ms. Stephens is one of the top feline genetics experts in the world, and has been a cat show judge for many, many years. This book details all the major cat breeds, as well as providing detailed information about colors genetics that is very easy to understand.

Legacy of the Cat: The Ultimate Illustrated Guide by Gloria Stephens, Tetsu Yamazaki (Photographer).The above book in hardcover.
  A Feline Affair : A Guide to Raising and Breeding Purebred Cats by Elaine Wenner Gilbertson. A good, basic book on cat breeding.
  Breeding Purebred Cats by Anne S. Moore. An excellent practical book on breeding, including information on the not-so-pleasant aspects of breeding. Excellent section on kittening, including a list of supplies to have on hand.
  My cat's in love; or, How to survive your feline's sex life, pregnancy, and kittening by Frank Manolson. Out of Print, but Amazon has a fairly good search service for out of print books. After you place an order for an out of print book, Amazon will let you know when they find the book (it can be right away or months later). You are not charged until the book is located and you give Amazon the ok.

Cats Are Not Peas : A Calico History of Genetics

by Laura L. Gould

Synopsis - Cats Are Not Peas tells the story of an unrecognized chapter in the history of science--the mystery behind the rarity of the male calico cat. The book takes readers through the great discoveries in genetics, from Mendel's studies of inheritance in peas through the discovery of the chromosome and the role of DNA--all from the little-known viewpoint of the pivotal and unheralded role played by cats as experimental subjects in this epic drama. 225.


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