Our cats...


17th Best International Cat of the Year
Tonkinese of the Year
Tonkinese Kitten of the Year
and the Second Best Allbreed Kitten in the

Lash is a TICA Supreme Grand Champion and
a CFA Grand Champion

Lash has the most marvelous personality - he adores everyone he meets and is completely good-natured;
he even enjoys trips to the vet!






....is a wonderful Tonkinese. Since Betty was a tiny kitten, she has been completely fearless - she's always ready to show the "boys" trouble to get into!

Here's Festus at 5 months old --
already a complete ham!

Festus is a lilac sepia Tonkinese [called platinum solid in CFA],
and is a TICA Grand Champion.

His parents are Lash and Julie


Betty and Wilma were loads of fun! Wilma is now teaching another houseful of cats how of misbehave.

Julie is Betty, Wilma and Festus' mom...


... and a fabulous cat! Although she likes to pretend to be "above" all the nonsense that the other cats engage in, she usually can't resist.


A special Thank You to Neta Cox for this wonderful girl.

Supreme Grand Champion Alter, Regional Winner, Premiere

Elvessa's James Brown

Jimmy was the Southwest Region's 3rd best alter for the 1997-1998 show season. At home, Jimmy enjoys many hobbies, including playing fetch with stuffed animals, knocking over objects, eating and pretending to be frightened of kittens.
Jim is a Natural (Seal) Mink.

Available Kittens

Because we are a small cattery and produce only a few litters a year (all kittens are raised in our home and "underfoot"), most of our kittens are "reserved" before they are ready to go to a new home at about 16 weeks (kittens are already spayed or neutered before going to a pet home). We are always happy to assist you in finding a Tonkinese kitten if we have none available - when you email us, be sure at let us know your location. Note that we reserve the right to determine who is or is not an acceptable purchaser for one of our kittens, in our sole discretion.

Responsible breeders do not let kittens younger than 12 weeks leave their home, nor do responsible breeders sell kittens without extensively interviewing the buyers.

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