About Declawing Your Cat

About Declawing Your Cat



Cats use their claws for many purposes. The claws are needed for daily grooming and for proper exercise of muscles when the cat stretches and scratches. Additionally, the cat needs its claws to help it balance and jump.

A cat's paw is very similar to a human hand; declawing a cat is the equivalent of cutting off your fingers at the first joint. This operation is very painful for the cat, and may result in permanent physical and psychological damage. Moreover, a cat that has been declawed is considered mutilated and is not allowed in the show ring.
At Elvessa's Tonkinese our kittens are taught that a weekly nail trimming is a part of life and the scratching post is the place to scratch. Cats can easily be taught to scratch at the post (which should be big and sturdy enough to allow the cat to stretch to its full body length).

For those who cannot bear the thought of even the smallest scratch on their furniture, plastic nail caps are available from your veterinarian.

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