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The New Natural Cat : A Complete Guide for Finicky Owners by Anitra Frazier, Norma Eckroate. If you are only going to have one book on natural cat care, this is the book to own. Ms. Frazier details how to make your own cat food with supplements that you can easily purchase in any health food store and provides the basics on treating some common conditions, as well as general cat care information.
Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Richard H. Pitcairn, Susan Hubble Pitcairn, Michael W. Fox. Dr. Pitcairn details specific holistic treatment for various conditions, focusing on diet (including special diets for individual problems), herbs and homeopothy. Another invaluable reference, and contains more detail regarding specific problems than Anitra Frazier's book
  Reigning Cats & Dogs : Good Nutrition Healthy Happy Animals by Pat McKay. An easy to understand and read book. This book is a good starting point if you are interested in making your own cat food.
  The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat by Juliette De Bairacli Levy. Ms. Levy is the acknolwedged authoritiy on herbs for animals. A great book if you would like more in-depth information on treating animals herbally.
  The Natural Remedy Book for Dogs & Cat by Diane Stein
Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats by Diane Stein

"This new book is a must for the pet owner who wants to extend holistic healing methods to the entire household. The author takes pet medicine to a very natural conclusion, drawing on the same New Age therapeutic approaches used for humans. Stein shows how to use nutrition, vitamins, minerals, massage, herbs, and homeopathy to promote pet health. Illustrations. "
Heal Your Cat the Natural Way by Richard Allport
  Reigning Cats & Dogs : Good Nutrition Healthy Happy Animals by Pat McKay

A good, basic book for those wishing to begin making their own pet food.
The Ultimate Diet : Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats by Kymythy R. Schultze, Claire Carr (Illustrator), Sandra Millers-Younger (Editor)

"This book is your reference on how to provide an optimal quality of life for your dog or cat. Easy to read and easy to understand nutritional information. Blank menu and food diary pages allow reader to plan the perfect natural diet for their particular pet. "
The Consumer's Guide to Cat Food; What's in Cat Food, Why It's There, and How to Choose the Best Food for Your Cat by Liz Palika

"All about what's in a cat's food, why it's there, and how to choose the best food for a cat, this book demystifies feline nutrition and compares the ingredients in leading brands in clear, simple, objective language. There are chapters on everything from reading cat food labels to feeding supplements to comparing food treats. 27 charts. "
The Cat Lover's Cookbook : Eighty-Five Fast, Economical, and Healthy Recipes for Your Cat by Franki Papai Secunda, Art Decker (Illustrator), Franki B. Papai

"Feed your cat the healthiest meals possible--at a fraction of the cost of store-bought cat food. Papai presents fresh and easy recipes for anyone who wants to serve tasty, homecooked food to a family cat. All recipes approved by a licensed vet who specializes in a holistic approach to pet care. 24 illustrations."
Food Pets Die for : Shocking Facts About Pet Food by Ann N. Martin, Michael W. Fox
Dr. Jane's 30 Days to a Healthier, Happier Cat : The Complete Guide to Nutrition and Health by Jane R. Bicks

"One of America's foremost authorities on feline nutrition presents a comprehensive guide for caring cat owners. With a simple, natural approach, this book explains everything from which vitamins and minerals are essential for cats to how behavior problems can often be solved with dietary supplements and how to avoid common mealtime mistakes."
Natural Health Care for Your Cat : Quick Self-Lhelp Using Homeopathy and Bach Flowers by Rudolf Deiser, Monika Wegler (Photographer), Gyorgy Jankovics (Illustrator)

"The normal feline life cycle is explained along with the fundamental details of cat anatomy. Dr. Rudolf Deiser advises regarding specific ailments and health problems to which cats are prone, including accidental poisoning from houseplants and household supplies, parasites, injuries, infection, birthing, and general hygiene and nutrition. Glossary of terms. Full-color photos and drawings throughout."

The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat

by Juliette De Bairacli Levy, Juliet De Bairacli Levy

Synopsis - Now available in paperback, this is the fifth edition of Levy's handbook for herbal veterinary care. Updated to include information on cats as well as dogs, this guide covers rearing of young, treating specific diseases with herbs, and a general discussion on disease prevention.

Four Paws Five Directions : A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs

by Cheryl Schwartz

Synopsis - For the growing number of animal lovers seeking an alternative to Western medicine, this comprehensive approach to home animal care includes descriptions of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatments, with special emphasis placed on clear, uncomplicated approaches to acupressure and diet that readers can do themselves at home. Inlcudes two 16-page color inserts.

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