Keeping Your Cat Indoors

Keeping Your Cat Indoors


At Elvessa's, we know that our feline friends are a gift to be cherished and loved. We also know that those fortunate enough to share their home with a cat will want their pet to live a long and happy life. For these reasons, Elvessa's Tonkinese maintains the policy that cats from our family are to be kept indoors.

People are often surprised to learn that cats live complete, happy lives indoors. Food and water are plentiful, the familiar smells of their family are there, and any space accommodating a human is certainly more than adequate for a cat. Cats do not need to be let out, as they naturally use their litter box. Adequate air is available, and cats who like a little sun will find a favorite window sill. For those who still think their cats need to see the great outdoors, leash-trained felines can go out for safe walks in the company of their human companions.

The average life span of a cat who lives indoors is about
four times greater than that of an outdoor cat. Outside, your pet is likely to be run over, shot, poisoned or stolen. Diseases are rampant, and complete protection, even by vaccination, is not available. Fleas, ear mites, skin disease, and parasites will set upon your cherished pet. Wounds sustained in fights with other animals may abscess.

The wild animals of days past are now highly domesticated, and are not as well suited to the outdoor life. We should no more subject our pets to the dangers outside than we should allow our innocent children to roam unattended overnight.

Your cat will live a happier, healthier life, and you and your pet will enjoy one another much longer, when they stay indoors.

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