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All of Elvessa's Tonkinese are naturally reared, which means that kittens and adults are fed a natural, homemade diet consisting of only human-grade ingredients and are raised with a holistic approach.

We've found many benefits to this approach, including virtually no fleas, great coats and, most significantly, an overall increase in health, vitality and immunities.

While we do not insist that our kittens be maintained on a holistic program after they are adopted, we do wish to share the details of our approach with you.



Elvessa's Fresh Food Recipe

OK, I've gotten really lazy and simplified my recipe further. The following is now so simple, you have no excuse to not make your own food!

Per each
cup of raw meat (the coarsest grind you can manage) add:

One heaping tablespoon of whole milk yoghurt. That's it. You may also add one can of cat food (I use Friskies, but any kind will do). This is especially useful when "switching" cats to fresh food. This amount will easily feed three or four cats one meal (because there is not lots of "filler," your cats will not each as much).

Meat - Ground beef, lamb, chicken, turkey - NO pork - (the coarser the ground, the better). You can also add some organ meats of the same animal (for example, beef liver with beef, etc). Beef heart is great - but it is not an organ meat (you can use beef heart as the main meat).

Optional - use grapefruitseed extract (citricide), especially with poultry meats. For each pound take 6 oz of spring water (or low salt broth) add 4 drops grapefruit seed extract and mix into meat. Add water and/or broth until you get the consistency of thick chili.

Feed at least twice per day. You may freeze or keep in refrig for up to 3 days (I freeze single portions, packed in the deli containers available from Smart and Final, and let defrost in refrig for 24 hours before feeding). DO NOT DEFROST IN MICROWAVE.

The following are options/substitutions/special needs ingredients:

1. One tablespoon of canned pumpkin (the pumpkin ONLY - not the pumpkin pie mix). This is not really necessary, but good for cats who may need a bit of extra fiber, like long-hairs who have fur-ball problems.

2. 1/8 clove garlic (minced) and/or dash Kyolic Garlic and/or minced garlic.

3. If you DO NOT use yoghurt - Kitty Bloom brand calcium supplement per package directions (including adding the salt - for more tasty meals, substitute chicken or beef stock mix for part of the salt) and Kitty Bloom brand vitamin supplement per package directions. You can substitute bone meal, or other calcium per various authors, but I currently use the Kitty Bloom as it is designed specifically for a raw meat feline diet. You can order Kitty Bloom from Double S.

4. Two or three times a week add some coat supplement if your cat has dry skin or coat problems. If stools get too loose, cut back on oil.

5. 1 teaspoon aloe vera juice (be sure that it does not contain sodium benzoate and do not use during pregnancy). This is very helpful for any digestive problems and/or allergies.

6. Sprinkle acidophilus over food at mealtime. Especially helpful for cats who have been recently on antibiotics or have had any sort of digestive problem. (Not really necessary at all with the yoghurt)

7. Sprinkle some Florzayme or Prozyme over meal just before serving.. Especially helpful when changing a cat over to fresh food from commercial food. Some oriental-type breeds seems to require more enzymes.

Consult your holistic veterinarian before making changes to your cat's diet.


Elvessa's Coat Supplement Recipe

Equal parts of the following oils (use only cold-pressed or expeller-pressed oils):

  • Soy
  • Canola
  • Peanut
  • Wheat Germ
  • Safflower
  • One-half part Sesame oil

Add approximately one teaspoon to food two to three times per week. Use less if stools are too soft.

Shopping List and Tips for Fresh Food Diet and Your Healthy Cat

1. Meat (beef, lamb, chicken, turkey NO pork). Do not buy leaner meats; cats need more fat in their diet than humans do. By the freshest meat you can. I find the meat at Costco to be very fresh. Get ground or grind yourself (I grind myself. I have found a huge difference in the quality of the meat and grinding yourself lets you use more variety of meat. The large Kitchen Aid mixer has a meat grinder attachment available).

2. Canned pumpkin or fresh vegetables (carrots, zucchini, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, or just about any other kind). I have recently been using a combination of carrots, broccoli with a bit of cauliflower thrown in. Vary the vegetables you use. Carrots are good for starting a cat on fresh foods as they are sweeter than most other vegetables.

3. Old fashioned oatmeal.

4. Garlic (fresh or frozen NOT powdered) and/or Kyolic Garlic and/or minced in a jar. At some health food stores, you will find the Kyolic Garlic with the vitamins.

5. Bone meal. Get the powdered kind with red bone marrow.

6. Super blue-green algae. If you get this from the health food store, be sure it is from Upper Kalmuth lake. I have this available for sale.

7. Vitamin C powder or crystals. Get the kind with rosehips and bioflavinoids if you can.

8. A good vitamin/mineral supplement. Check Anitra Frazier's book for a recipe, or use a commercial supplement such as those from Dr. Goopet or Kitty-Bloom.

9. Aloe Vera Juice (without Sodium Benzoate).

10. Acidophilus. In the refrigerator section of the health food store.

11. Florazyme, Prozyme or other pet food enzymes. Dr. Goodpet makes a good enzyme.

12. Grapefruitseed Extract (citricide). Get the Nutri-Biotic brand.

13. Colloidal Silver. Get the StaYoung or Lifeforce.

14. Canola Oil, Soy Oil, Safflower Oil, Peanut Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and Sesame Oil. Get cold pressed or expeller pressed only. At some stores, the Wheat Germ Oil is with the vitamins.

15. Spring Water.

16. Willard Water.

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