Feline Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)


Feline polycystic disease is a very recently discovered inherited disease found in some breeds of cats. It is largely found in Persians and related breeds, as well as in the general domestic cat population.

Please note that this does NOT seem to be a major issue in the Tonkinese breed at this time (I am not aware of any Tonkinese that have tested positive at this time). In fact, because it is a fairly new issue, and not an problem in this breed, do not be surprised to discover many Tonkinese breeders with no knowledge or understanding of this disease. At this time, there does not appear to be any evidence that you should base any Tonkinese kitten-buying decision on the testing status of a cattery (although if you are buying a Persian kitten, for example, you most certainly should).

However, because the test for PKD (an ultrasound of the kidneys done when the cat is at least 10 months old) is relatively simple, and because PKD is an Autosomal Dominant inherited trait (basically, if you never breed a cat with PKD you will never produce a kitten with PKD), we believe that the responsible thing to do is to test all of our breeding cats.

To learn more about PKD, visit the following sites:

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